Dane Arts Dance Arts (2018) was a curated evening of local choreographer’s work sponsored by Dane Arts. Liz Sexe produced this event at Dane Arts Mural Arts Space in Madison, WI.


Crossing Between (2018) took place at The Crossing on April 28th, 2018.  This was a shared show with Collette Stewart.  Sexe Dancers revisited and reworked -ment.  


pursuit - in parts- impart (2017) took place at Olin Park on May 24th and May 25th.  This production was a collaboration/shared show with Scratch Dance (Erica Pinigis) where Liz and Erica set a work on their own dancers and then the other's dancers.  Memory: In Parts & Impart explored collective memory and was set on both Sexe Dancers and Scratch Dancers.  


TWO: exploring duos (2016) took place at the Madison Circus Space on October 15th.  Choreographers Kate Corby, Heidi Krause, Li Chiao-Ping, Maureen Janson, Liz Sexe, Marlene Skog, Collette Stewart and Lisa Thurrell each contributed works exploring the idea of duo.  Liz has the pleasure to perform in seven of the works and share one duet of her own.  

Living Among; Feeding Upon (2016) took place at the Madison Circus Space on June 3rd and June 4th.

ONE: an evening of solo dances (2016) was an evening of seven different solos choreographed by seven different choreographers produced by Liz Sexe Dance.  

-ment (2015) was Liz Sexe Dance Companies first evening length production

2019 Lone Sum: Part II solo at LunArt Festival

2019 Lone Sum: Part I on Kanopy Dance Company (April) and Liz Sexe Dance (June)

2019 Untitled: For the Sake of Progress with music by Complexcomplex at UW Madison

2018 Bubbler Residency Gallery Showing

2018 Rounds Improvisation score by Timothy Russell

2018 Traces of Memory FILM collaboration with Jake Neuman and Timothy Russell

2017     Memory: In parts & impart with live sound by Tim Russell

2017     Folding, Unfolding, Refolding with original music by Tim Russell

2016     Claw with original music by Tim Russell

2016     Chapter One with original sound design by Tim Russell

2015     -ment with original music by Timothy Russell. 

2013     Wonder in the Familiar with original music by Timothy Russell. 

2013     Climb solo with original music by Eric Sheffiled. 

2013     Sleepy Faults sound design by Timothy Russell. 

2012     Wound Up original music by Timothy Russell.

2012     …and me with music arranged by James Morrison and Joe Chindamo.

2012     Ursa Minor Project a collaboration with Timothy Russell part of ACDFA

2011     You Can Please Everyone with original music by Timothy Russell.

2011     Anthophilous: living among/feeding upon with original music by Luigi Marino and Joe Straub.

2010     Doors are Doors original music by Joe Straub, and set design by Joey Castor.

2010     Sighs Too Deep for Words music arranged by Sean Wesche and Paul Naughton.

2010    realTIME original music by Blaise Durose and projection by Liz Sexe.