Photo by Timothy Russell

Photo by Timothy Russell

Mission Statement:

Creating works that are grounded in intentionality and clarity of movement, Liz Sexe Dance contributes quality dance productions for a wide audience. 

Curating performances, Liz Sexe Dance provides opportunities that support the local dance community.  

Offering educational experiences, Liz Sexe Dance inspires young and old to make movement and playful creativity part of their daily practice.

Artist Statement: 

I never recreate pieces, I re-approach the process.  I like to see how the same set of tasks and the same material looks in a new situation.  Each situation, be it different dancers or a different time or a different place, are part of the living piece.

I start with an idea, a concept; something that interests me, frustrates me, keeps me up at night. I sit in the morning with a cup of coffee and meditate on the idea until tasks, movement and games of interaction flood into my brain, and I image how my dancers or I will work it out.  I formulate the plan; I may try it out for myself.  I then take it to the studio and play.  Sometimes the concept becomes richer and sometimes the concept mixes in the sea of movement.  The original idea is suspended in the choreography or dissolves to create a new solution. 

Teaching Philosophy:

I am a passionate and collaborative educator who encourages students to take risks, assess their successes and failures, and learn from all experiences. My teaching is grounded in the educational philosophy of establishing growth mindsets. I believe in not only training the dancer for the physical work the dance field demands, but also the mental temperament that is required to persevere.

Class Offerings:

Photography by Timothy Russell

Photography by Timothy Russell

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My dance class is a place where control and chaos meet in unison and where the technician becomes the artist.   The residues of the classical and modern forms like ballet, Horton, Limón, and Cunningham still exist yet I include many contemporary elements such as task based improvisation.  Conditioning is also an intricate part of class which is done using my “animal kingdom” phrases.  This system is inspired by many somatic forms but is grounded in Pilates. Rhythmic and qualitative challenges are often used as feats to let dancers push themselves in a safe and playful way.   


Pilates Class is a playful workout that is grounded in inquiry and efficiency.  There are clear principles and exercises, yet each person has to create his/her own hypothesis/question and find the movement for himself/herself.  Changing how the movement is approached using qualitative imagery and the body's relationship to gravity offer a deeper connection to the movement. 


Composition is grounded in play, curiosity and reflection.  The process shapes the outcome, and collaboration with the space and people present are of great importance.  In this workshop we explore how process and creating games or feats can aide in shaping the outcome.